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10 Digital Stories

Back in July 2017, 10 older adult individuals living in Thunder Bay participated in an intensive 3-day digital storytelling workshop, where they each developed - with the support of StoryCentre Canada and several gracious volunteers - digital stories showcasing their experience aging in Thunder Bay. Watch all the videos here!



In her digital story, Nellie and Ted: It all started with a chair, Nellie describes her experience making modifications to her home, changing vehicles, and how she and her husband maintained social connections throughout their lives.



In her digital story, Life Transitioning, Diana shares about how she handled the various transitions along her life journey, what she did to continue to experience joy and express herself.



In his digital story, Cosgrove's Taxi, John speaks to maintaining close, supportive, and lifelong friendships despite geographical distance. 



In his digital story, All That is Not Given is Lost, Razi describes how helping others has always given his life meaning and how he continued to help others as his roles and geographical location changed.



In her digital story, Limberlost Found, Sis reminisces about her childhood and shows how the things that once brought you joy can continue to do so later in life.



In her digital story, My Home and Fences, Lynn delves into her past and describes how her connection to nature helped overcome challenges with isolation in her neighbourhood. 



In her digital story, Summer Stroll,  Arlene takes us along on a walk through her neighbourhood and speaks on how she maintains connected to her community while still participating in the activities she enjoys. 



In his digital story, Gems of the Neighbourhood, Jaro describes how being part of a club, volunteering, and music can bring people together.



In her digital story, My Cluster My HomeJudy describes the social support and opportunities for connection that living in co-operative housing provides.



In his digital story, Life's ChangesBrian tells us about how he has overcome adversity throughout his life course and how he remains positive and motivated to keep himself connected.


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